I am an experienced professional with over 15 years experience in digital marketing and website analysis. In my past, I have worked for AT&T Wireless designing and optimising the Customer Service website. I was also the Director of Web Care with the goal of helping customers use the web. I have done website analysis, Project Management, Strategy, Web Design and Search Engine Optimisation for many companies over the years. Today I own my own business helping small and medium sized businesses. The techniques I use concentrate on Website Design, Google AdWords, SEO advice, Social Media, and Marketing Strategy. I have a systematic method of solving problems and have used this throughout my career.

To achieve success I break down problems into manageable chunks. I have been trained in a launch, listen, and learn type of web design by watching metrics and ensuring we have success. If we need to make changes then I go back and do so. I am a current Project Manager Professional. I find these skills useful in breaking down a problem and making tasks in manageable chunks. I have experience in Agile Methodologies which I firmly believe making customer focused websites with simplicity and clarity. I am driven and results oriented.

Your website success is something I take very personally and I will work with you and use all available knowledge and resources I have to help you succeed. My degree is in Marketing and Information Systems from University of Washington. For fun I love to travel around Europe. I am originally from Seattle, Washington and now live in London with my husband and three children.