Website Design in Kingston & New Malden

Wordpress websites complete with everything you need to succeed

Do you want to have a clean site, that ranks well on Google?

Website design is a skill of art and simplicity. To do great in this you need a simple clear, beautiful and responsive website. As our world is changing more and more people search first on the phone. The first step to having customers find you is to have an awesome site.

I spent the first part of my career as a Webdesign Analyst and I have a great instinct of what makes a good site. I code in WordPress, as I have found this to be the easiest way to get good customisation and make the site SEO friendly. I will not just make your site and throw it over the fence. I believe the best way is to create a partnership that really matches the way you do business. I use a staging environment that you can always see and we work back and forth to come up with the best page possible. Besides a good looking website I will make sure it has SEO, proper backups, show you how to modify copy if needed.

The other important aspect of building a great website is to measure if people are using it. I will make sure you have Google Analytics working and will help you use it. Furthermore, I will make sure it is performing well from a technical perspective. The reason you should use Bosland Consulting is the packages are reasonable as I have a passion that all customers should be able to have a great web site and compete on the internet. I am not a big firm with large overhead, I just love making great webpages! Please send me an email or call and we discuss what you need in more detail.

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Included in my websites

  • Creation of website in WordPress
  • Partner in layout/ design/ web strategy
  • SEO
  • Focus Keywords and Meta Descriptions
  • Yoast
  • Sitemap installed in Google Webmaster Tools
  • Alerts in Google Webmaster Tools
  • Compression
  • Caching
  • Images sized for web
  • Alt tags on all images
  • Google Analytics
  • Mobile friendly
  • Any training you would like
  • Daily backup offsite
  • Staging environment
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