Top Tips for SEO Success

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Not All Websites Are Created Equal…

These days we’re all used to having an online presence — whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or a website. We all have our own unique online “brand”. But with everyone shouting for attention in cyberspace, not everyone is getting noticed. If you want to clear out your website’s cobwebs and inject it with new life read on…

Take Your Website to the Next Level

The best way to get your website working harder for you is to concentrate on two overlapping elements: website design and your Google ranking.

Heard of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation? It’s a fancy way of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website when people search for relevant keywords. Little tweaks by someone well-versed in SEO can bump your website from Page 10 to Page 1. Suddenly you’re getting noticed, your phone is ringing, your email binging.

Here are my top tips for dressing your website for success:

  1. Put yourself on a pedestal and pick a web platform that showcases your business and meets your needs (whether it be Squarespace, Wix, WordPress etc).Customer support can vary wildly. Do your homework so you don’t have regrets later.
  2. The magic number is 300. Make sure you have a minimum of 300 words per web page so Google takes you seriously. They should be content rich, bursting with juicy keywords, and easy to read. Include high-level headlines that grab reader’s attention.
  3. Win a popularity contest. Get your friends and business contacts to blog about you or put a link to your page on their website. These are called backlinks and good quality, low spam links will give your site credibility.
  4. Choose the hostess with the mostest. If you skimp on your host plan you’re opening yourself up to outages, downtime, and headaches.
  5. Don’t just wonder what Google thinks, let them tell you. Their algorithms may change over time, but they strive for transparency. If it is good for the user it is generally a good choice for the site. Type Google Webmasters into YouTube and let some friendly Google geeks give you the low-down.

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